15-year old Manchester United fan arrested for racially abusing Danny Welbeck on Twitter


A 15-year old Manchester United fan was arrested for racially abusing former United and current Arsenal striker Danny Welbeck with wildly offensive tweet.

There is certainly no love loss for some Manchester United fans and former United striker and hometown-boy Danny Welbeck.

While United were in the process of instituting new manager Louis van Gaal, the Dutchman was evaluating the current roster and deciding on who he wanted as part of his team going forward and who was expendable. Young striker Danny Welbeck ended up not being on van Gaal’s list. Welbeck was put on the market to be sold.

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Welbeck showed flashes of his skill and what he could do, but struggled with consistency during his time in a United shirt. Plus, with the Reds already having Wayne Rooney and Robin van Persie at the striker position, along with youngster Tom Wilson starting to push his way up to the big club and the additions that van Gaal planned to make in the transfer period, he saw Welbeck as expendable. Rivals Arsenal seized the opportunity and bought the 24-year old striker for 16 million Euros.

One thing that all sports fans love to see, is a player come back to haunt their former team. No matter what the player may say, they want to score against their former team just as badly. It wasn’t the first time Welbeck played his former club since joining Arsenal, but he finally got his chance on March 9 in an FA Cup match.

Nacho Monreal gave the Gunners the initial lead until Manchester United skipper Wayne Rooney equalized the match at 1-1. After Angel Di Maria was sent off for United, there was some miscommunication on the back end for United, and Welbeck’s window blew open.

It was a very low moment for Manchester United and their fans. They just been knocked out of the F.A. Cup by one of their biggest rivals, at Old Trafford, and with one of their former players scoring the winning goal. Needless to say, many United fans had some choice words for the former United striker.

However, one fan in particular took it way too far. A 15-year old from Salisbury, England sent this wildly racist tweet out towards Danny Welbeck. (Warning: very NSFW language will be shown in this tweet)

There is absolutely no excuse for this. In no way, shape or form should this sort of language be tolerated. This exactly the kind of the kind of thing that the game of soccer, as well as all sports, is trying to eliminate.

Jack here, like many others, retweeted this tweet from @AngelsLeftFoot (clever twitter handle bro) to spread it around and raise awareness of what this kid has said. It eventually got the attention of the Manchester police and, after further investigation, the ignorant 15-year old was arrested for racial abuse. The teenager has since been released on bail until April 13, which is to be assumed is when some sort of trial will be held.

Hopefully, this will teach the kid a hard lesson that he obviously needs.

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