What channel is TruTV: DirecTV, Comcast, Dish, Time Warner?

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With the NCAA Tournament getting set to get in full swing on Thursday, some people want to learn how to get TruTV so they can watch some of the action

A few years ago the NCAA Tournament finally came up with a way to televise all of the games that take place on the opening weekend. For years, the broadcasts on the first couple days of the NCAA Tournament were regional, making people miss out on a lot of the action.

But under the new television format the past few years, you can watch any game you want at any given time, and one of the channels that you can catch all of the action on is TruTV. Now, while it’s amazing that the games are all broadcast, the one problem that seems to pop up each and every year is that people quite frankly don’t know what channel TruTV is on their provider. Therefore, they can’t find the game.

Well, here is how you can find out where you can catch the college basketball action on TruTV this NCAA Tournament.

DirecTV: Channel 246

Dish Network: Channel 242, 9430 for HD

Time Warner Cable: Area code search

Xfinity: Area code search

Verizon FiOS: 183, 683 for HD

AT&T: Area code search

Cox Communications: Area code search

Now, you can find TruTV and get to enjoying some of the NCAA Tournament action that will be broadcast on it! Enjoy, and remember to stick here with FanSided for complete coverage of the NCAA Tournament.

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