Brock Lesnar announces he’ll stay in WWE, won’t return to UFC


The wrestling world has been waiting to figure out what WWE superstar Brock Lesnar would do, and it has added a bit of mystery to the WrestleMania main event. If Lesnar is leaving, he’d likely drop the belt to Roman Reigns, if he is staying? Who knows.

Well that mystery isn’t quite as mysterious now. In an interview on ESPN, Lesnar announced that he would not try to resurrect his career in mixed martial arts and the UFC, but instead would remain in the WWE.

This is some shocking news, and kind of the opposite of what everyone thought was going to happen. There have been rumors that Brock was returning to the UFC, and some rumors he would try to do both.

This clears that all up. He also went a step further to say that door was officially shut for good, adding that the contract was signed last night.

That shouldn’t come as a surprise. Given Lesnar’s age, if he wasn’t going to try and make a come back in the UFC now it wasn’t going to happen later.

This is what Twitter has to say:

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