Kevin Kisner’s caddie fires back at PGA Tour after breaking dress code


The PGA Tour told Kevin Kisner’s caddie, Duane Bock that his shorts violated the tour dress code and Brock fired back.

In recent years, the PGA Tour and the caddies have been at odds as the caddies begin to question the things they do for the PGA Tour. Now, 167 caddies named in a lawsuit are suing the PGA Tour for $50 million in order to get paid for having to wear logo bibs that they don’t get paid to wear.

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The frustration between caddies and the PGA Tour continued last Saturday at the Arnold Palmer Invitational when Kevin Kisner’s caddie, Duane Bock, was told by a PGA Tour official that he red shorts violated the PGA Tour dress code for caddies which says they are “are required to wear solid-colored khaki-style long pants . . . or solid-colored, knee-length tailored shorts.”

Kisner, who is one of the 167 caddies that filed a lawsuit against the PGA Tour, spoke out against the PGA Tour on Facebook following the round.

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Bock said that he had been wearing those shorts every week recently and this is the first he’s heard about it. Bock told the Golf Channel on Sunday that didn’t have a problem with them saying he had violated the dress code, but he was upset at the lack of consistency from the rule.

The lawsuit between the caddies and PGA Tour is a result of a growing unrest from the caddies because they are forced to wear bibs with sponsors but they aren’t paid for it because they are employed by a golfer, not the PGA Tour.

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