Shaq sings Little Einsteins theme as he does ‘The Whip’ (Video)


Shaq was singing and dancing again on TNT’s NBA halftime show Tuesday night. 

You may or may not find Shaq or TNT’s Inside the NBA crew funny, but there’s no debating that the former NBA superstar is a clown. He’s unafraid to do things that would embarrass most people. And he loves to sing.

Just google “Shaq sings” and you come up with several different performances of the former Laker, Magic and LSU Tigers star (among others). Tuesday night he was at it again, though mixing his pop culture references.

Shaq combined “The Whip” dance–a video posted on YouTube on August 21 of last year which went viral. That video is now at over 7.5 million views worldwide. Frankly, the original version is better.

But, perhaps because TNT’s halftime show was still early enough for a younger crowd, he took to singing the theme song from the popular Little Einsteins cartoon show.

The main line in the song, “We’re going on a trip, in our favorite rocket ship”, is the line Shaq is trying to sing, not so gracefully as he does “The Whip”.

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