Steelers’ running back DeAngelo Williams dances to Frozen


Pittsburgh Steelers running back DeAngelo Williams shows us once more what a fantastic dad he is. 

The Pittsburgh Steelers’ number 34 has taken to social media on a few occasions with pictures or videos of  him and his family, but I think this one is by far my favorite. The running back showed off his vocal range (or lack there of) when he and his daughter belted out a song from the outrageously popular animated movie Frozen.

Williams and his daughters are watching the movie but not like you and I do, they are standing in front of a gigantic TV pulling off some fantastic dance moves and singing at the top of their voices. (OK that’s how I watch Frozen too, minus the gigantic TV)

Check out the video of DeAngelo Williams dancing here.

If singing wasn’t enough for the pair, they speak along with the characters during the wedding proposal. Williams being the fantastic father that he is, stays in character and proposes to his daughter in one of the most adorable moments of a short video that’s filled with them. (Thankfully his daughter also stayed in character and said yes)

It certainly seems like Williams is enjoying his downtime, and the world got yet another glimpse of what a cool guy and great dad he is. I look forward to the day the NFL star releases an album of Disney cover songs.

[H/T: FTW]