Report: LeBron James ‘frustrated’ with Kevin Love

LeBron James is still less than pleased with Kevin Love and their relationship continues to crumble as the Cavaliers season continues to flourish. 


When the Cleveland Cavaliers acquired Kevin Love this offseason, it was believed that it was LeBron James who pulled for him to be there. The price paid was No. 1 overall pick Andrew Wiggins — who was flourished in Minnesota while Love has struggled in Cleveland.

Love has solidified his reputation as a self-centered and arrogant player, and that’s something that has worn LeBron James thin in less than a full season of playing together.

According to Frank Isola from the New York Daily News, LeBron James is ‘frustrated’ with Kevin Love and still isn’t happy with his unwillingness to be a team player.

But several sources close to the situation in Cleveland claim that James has tried to make it work but that he’s frustrated by Love’s inability, and in some ways unwillingness, to get with the program. Remember, James pushed the Cavs to trade Wiggins to the Timberwolves to acquire Love, who could be one-and-done in Cleveland.

Love and LeBron have had a tense relationship all season long, with shots being taken here and there by LeBron to try and light a fire under Love. But rather than be receptive to the team, Kevin Love still has boasts a holier than thou attitude that may run him out of Cleveland in just one season.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are perennial NBA Finals favorites, but the drama with Kevin Love will only become more intense and more of a media focus as the playoffs near and wear on. Love and LeBron don’t have to be friends but it sounds like they don’t get along and that’s a situation that can jeopardize a potential championship run in these late stages of the season.