Rob Gronkowski Dials Up Dana White


Patriots’ tight end Rob Gronkowski unexpectedly called up Dana White during a radio interview

After winning the Super Bowl this past year, Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski has been getting himself into all sorts of antics. Whether it was twerking on a boat in Miami or crushing a beer at the Patriots Super Bowl parade, Gronk keeps us all entertained. And what better way than to keep that entertainment up than talk a little UFC with Dana White on a local radio show. Apparently the two are pretty big fans of one another. So the interview was perfect for both parties.

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Dana White being a huge Gronkowski fan isn’t the only connection the tight end has to the UFC. In February of this year, one of Gronk’s teammates, Chandler Jones wanted to fight his brother Jon Jones. Apparently, Gronk was getting ready to train Chandler Jones to face his brother had the charity fight taken place. But since the fight would have voided Chandler Jones’ contract with the Patriots, it never happened. And Gronkowski’s UFC trainer days were cut short.

But that hasn’t stopped Gronk from staying out of the UFC for good. In the interview, Dana White offers Gronk UFC tickets to see Jon Jones fight in May. At the beginning of the show Dana White joked about attempting to get Gronkowski to convert himself to a UFC fighter. Maybe this was him trying to dip his foot in the door to eventually get Gronkowski in the octagon.

But later on, Gronk was asked if he’d ever consider it. Unfortunately, he said its not something he is too interested in. So in order to see Gronk compete in professional sports, we will have to watch a Patriots game. And there is nothing wrong with that.

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