Marc Gasol rips his jersey apart after missing a shot (Video)


Maybe Marc Gasol should take some classes on learning how to handle missing a shot.

Dear Marc Gasol, official NBA jerseys don’t just grow on trees and tons of fans would love to get their hands on just one.

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The Memphis Grizzlies are hosting the Sacramento Kings tonight, and something bad must have happened to Gasol right before the game – because he kind of lost it at the beginning of the contest.

Memphis got out to an early lead in the first quarter and Gasol was hoping to push that lead even further by knocking down a short jumper he so often makes. The shot looked good, but it bounced around the rim a few times and ultimately did not go it. Gasol did not enjoy missing that shot.

Gasol must have been watching Wrestlemania yesterday, because he decided to pull a Hulk Hogan and rip his jersey apart in frustration. It’s hard to imagine what was going through his head, because it’s a pretty silly and childish thing to do for a grown man.

The Grizzlies are hoping to finish the year strong as they are one-loss away from getting back into the 2-seed of the Western Conference playoffs. Not only are they that close to climbing up in the playoff race, but they are also two games out from dropping all the way to the 6-seed. The West is simply a different type of beast and every single game down the stretch will count.

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