Marvin Williams denies Marcus Smart at the rim (video)


Marvin Williams may not be the best player in the NBA, but he proved he was a little better than Marcus Smart on one particular play. 

Would you have believed someone if they told you that a game between the Charlotte Hornets and Boston Celtics a couple of weeks before the regular season ended would have monster playoff implications? It’s hard to think many people would have bought in to that thought, but that’s what is actually happening tonight.

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With only a handful of games left, the Hornets and Celtics are both only one-game out of the last playoff spot in the Eastern Conference. No – seriously – both of them are in that position even though they each nearly have 10 more losses than wins. That’s why people complain about the East – but that’s besides the point.

It was Marvin Williams of the Hornets that had the best highlight from the first two quarters.

That block was absurd, and the Hornets’ broadcast didn’t have a big reaction from it? Seriously? That block was really the only contribution Williams made in the first half as he only has three points on two field goal attempts.

This really is a must-win game for the Hornets as the Celtics already have one more win than them, and a loss tonight would nearly remove their playoff hopes. However, it really shouldn’t matter which sub-.500 team makes the playoffs with the last seed in the East, because the 1-seed Atlanta Hawks should steamroll whoever gets in.

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