Rob Gronkowski: I would rather have a concussion than a knee injury


The Patriots tight end and recent Super Bowl champion made an appearance on Jim Rome on Showtime to talk about his offseason.

Somewhere in a basement in Lowell, Massachusetts, a church has started with New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski as its messiah. The Church of Gronk passes the peace with lap dances and spikes

Last night’s appearance on Jim Rome on Showtime could likely serve as gospel for the faithful. Enjoying his summer as a Super Bowl victor, Gronkowski was in full celebration mode.

Rob Gronkowski spikes a pinata on Jim rome on Showtime. Credit: Showtime
Rob Gronkowski spikes a pinata on Jim rome on Showtime. Credit: Showtime /

On top of discussing his emotions during the end of the Super Bowl victory over the Seattle Seahawks (“Right when they got down to about the [1-yard] line that’s what I was thinking, ‘We are f***ed.'”), he also talked with Jim Rome about numerous silly topics, including comparing his party bus with Jerry Jones’ party bus …

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From CBS Sports:

"“My bus definitely throws the best parties. Is that even a question? What goes on in my bus is amazing dance moves. While my boy Goon is driving, sometimes he hits a bump, I’m performing a dance move, he hits a sharp turn and I go flying in the other direction. Maybe land on a few ladies …“His bus is probably sitting down, seat belts on, no music. We have the best sound system in ours.”"

… crunchy or creamy peanut butter …

"“When you’re making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and you try to put that crunchy peanut butter on it, it’s like impossible. It ruins the bread, you can’t spread it, so I always go with creamy when I’m making a PB&J.“But when I got a protein shake going and you want peanut butter in your protein shake in the blender that’s when you use the crunchy peanut butter. You’re not smashing bread all over the place and it makes the protein shake with a little crunchy.”"

… and concussions.

"“Uh, so if we’re sitting here and I had choose would I want a concussion right now or my knee blown out, I’m going to say a concussion. Why would I want to sit there for eight months and not do anything, when with a concussion I’ll just wake up and I’ll be ready to go again.”Gronk isn’t worried about not remembering things later in life because “that happens all the time. I don’t even know how I got to my hotel last night.”"

Wait, that last one is really dark.

Let me be boring for a second. Right now Gronkowski is the most entertaining NFL player off-the-field this side of Marshawn Lynch. Hopefully it can stay that way. Gronkowski would rather potentially ruin his life than miss a few months of football.

It may be more fun to think of Gronk as a recklessly fun ball of energy and id who doesn’t have any foresight for his health. He was likely just saying he’d rather have a concussion to set up his punchline at the end. But the attitude that the present totally outweighs the future is dangerous when it comes to health.

But anyway, back to the fun! Hopefully some lucky lady can soon become Gronkette.

[H/T: CBS Sports]

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