This is why Bowling Green fired head coach Chris Jans (Video)


Bowling Green fired their head coach on Thursday afternoon, and footage of what lead to his firing has surfaced and it’s legitimately creepy.

Former Bowling Green basketball head coach Chris Jans is not only a man out of work, he’s a man cowering with what’s left of his tarnished reputation. It’s not that Jans was a bad head coach with Bowling Green, it’s his decisions outside of the hardwood that has him in trouble this week.

On Thursday afternoon, Jans was fired by Bowling Green following an incident at a bar in which he allegedly slapped the buttocks of un unsuspecting woman. It’s not longer ‘alleged’, as footage has surfaced of Jans inappropriately touching a woman at a bar recently.

Here’s the creepy video of a clearly wasted Chris Jans slapping a woman’s behind — and she nor her friend appear to like it.

This is just wrong. It’s not that he was trolling the bar as a middle aged man trying to pick up unsuspecting women — it’s that he’s molesting them in public. That’s what this is, as this woman does not want to be touched and Jans has less than the right to touch her without her permission.

That’s be like if she came over and jiggled his man-boobs without his consent. You just don’t do this to other human beings, at least not if you have common decency. Jans severely lacked that, and his poor morale judgment has him deservedly out of a job.

It’s one thing to be a drunken creeper at a bar, but it’s another thing to be that guy but double as someone who is trying to teach young men how to be good people. Jans isn’t the anti-christ, but he’s just not a good guy and he has plenty of work to do to bounce back from this horrifying display of creepiness.

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