Riff Raff’s bodyguard annihilates fan, could play in the NFL


Riff Raff’s bodyguard delivered a bone-crunching hit to an unsuspecting fan at a recent concert.

Vine user King Kyle Lee posted a vine of rapper Riff Raff’s bodyguard tackling an unsuspecting fan who had jumped onstage. It was a hit any NFL coach would be proud of. That is until the refs threw their flags and called a 65-yard penalty for murder.

The fan had jumped on stage to tap Riff Raff on the shoulder. He succeeds in touching the rapper but as the fan turns to leave he is met with a full body tackle from Riff Raff’s bodyguard that sends him careening into the stage monitors. After securing his kill, Riff Raff’s bodyguard simply tosses the fan back into the crowd where hopefully a doctor caught him and immediately applied a full body cast.

A hit this hard is extremely unnecessary given the situation. The fan only tapped Riff Raff on the shoulder. The problems arise when the bodyguard does not know what the fan’s intentions are. Is the fan just going up to tap Riff Raff on the shoulder or is he going to deal him physical harm? In this case it seems as if the bodyguard misjudged the situation.

The reaction of the crowd is one of shock. The faces of the fans in the front row instantly turn to one of disagreement and the crowd boos the bodyguard. Even Riff Raff seems surprised at what happened. That is understandable though. Imagine being tapped on the shoulder only to turn around to a scene reserved for WWE pay-per-view events. Surprising, right?

If there is one thing we can take from this incident it’s that fans need to stay in the crowd where they belong. When a fan jumps on stage they are not only putting themselves in danger but also the artists. What if that fan would have tripped and knocked Riff Raff down and injured him? What if that fan would have unplugged instruments or mocrophones and derailed the show? What if that fan really did try and hurt Riff Raff?

Allowing fans on stage is too much of a risk. Fans need to realize they do not belong on stage. Fans stay in the crowd and the artists get to be on stage. Just as fans need to come to a realization bodyguards and security guards need to realize that sometimes a simple push off the stage can be just as effective and much less dangerous than a full body flying tackle.

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