WWE Rumors: Brock Lesnar not expected back until SummerSlam


After his “suspension” on Monday night, it looks as if we won’t see Brock Lesnar until the biggest event of the summer rolls around

This past Monday night on WWE RAW we were treated to what was one of the more memorable moments in the show’s history when Brock Lesnar went completely nuts, destroying everything in his sight, including Michael Cole, when Seth Rollins would not grant him his WWE title rematch right then and there. As we know, his actions then got him “suspended” by Stephanie McMahon.

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Of course, we know the suspension is to get him off TV for a while, as we already knew coming in that he would not be around all the time, as his contract doesn’t require him to be.

That said, when exactly can we expect to see Lesnar back on our television screens?

Well, according to the latest report from the Wrestling Observer, Lesnar should be back right around the time in August when SummerSlam rolls around.

SummerSlam this year is emanating from Brooklyn, New York, and you know that the Beast will have a pretty big role on the show. As a matter of fact, if there was any event that you can see Rollins dropping the title, it would be there to Lesnar. Possibly with Lesnar putting on a SummerSlam performance like he did last year where he obliterated John Cena to originally take the belt.

It’ll be hard to go without Lesnar on TV for that long, but it really is for the better, especially when it comes to his babyface turn. When he returns, that crowd is going to go absolutely out of their minds.

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