WWE Rumors: Roman Reigns’ family furious over WrestleMania outcome


Apparently the family of Roman Reigns was none too pleased with how things unfolded on Sunday night at WrestleMania

Last Sunday night at WrestleMania 31, things ended with quite the bang when Seth Rollins came out in the main event, cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase and took the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. It was really shocking, especially considering that going into the event everyone fully expected Roman Reigns to walk away with the belt.

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Well, apparently, the family of Reigns was expecting that booked outcome as well, and they were none too pleased when it did not occur.

According to a report from the Wrestling Observer and Dave Meltzer, when Roman did not win the strap, the Anoa’i family made their anger known, according to a source that spoke to Meltzer.

"“Sika forgot this business is not real life, and was legit pissed at the finish and looking to start a war. A lot of the younger (family members) were rallying around Sika, but the other 45 or 50 of them talked some reason.”"

Now another source had told Meltzer that it really was not that bad, starting a war wise, but they were pissed off and maybe that anger was justified.

With the reports that the decision to have Seth Rollins win the belt came pretty last minute, the family was indeed there believing that Reigns was going to have his moment. They were ready to celebrate the crowning achievement, and the fact that they ultimately weren’t able to do that had to be a sickening feeling.

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