Kentucky fans are burning everything following Final Four loss (Video)


The Kentucky Wildcats suffered their first loss of the season on Saturday night in the Final Four and the fans are not taking it well

It really did seem as if the Kentucky Wildcats were going to finish the season with a 40-0 record and a national title, but as we found out on Saturday, that was just not something that was in the cards. They walked into Indianapolis on Saturday 38-0, but they left 38-1 following a 71-64 loss to the Wisconsin Badgers.

As you would definitely imagine, the Kentucky fans are heartbroken that this entire journey did not end with a national championship and perfect record, and the fans in Lexington must be especially upset.

Well, they are, and they have brought out the fire.

Yes, Wildcats fans are burning things.

Well, as unfortunate as some of this stuff is, you can’t really say that you’re shocked this came. Rioting seems to be an unfortunate part of college sports throughout the years, and it probably will never go away.

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