Caroline Wozniacki is at Wisconsin-Duke with JJ Watt


The Wisconsin Badgers have some big time people supporting them.

No, it’s not the Los Angeles Lakers or New York Knicks. The Wisconsin Badgers simply have some big-name people rooting for them, too.

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The biggest celebrity in the Badgers’ corner is Aaron Rodgers – who has been at the last few tournament games for Wisconsin – and he showed up yet again tonight. Not only did Rodgers show up, but he came with actress/model Olivia Munn. That’s not a bad couple right there.

That would probably be enough star power for the Badgers, but there was another celebrity duo making some noise for the Badgers – J.J. Watt and Caroline Wozniacki.

Watt has always been a Badger fan (was born in Wisconsin and went to the University of Wisconsin), but seeing Wozniacki was a bit of a surprise. It was surprising to see her not only because of the fact that she was there, but because of what she already did today.

What have you got done today? A little bit of work? Had a nice lunch? Well, the number five women’s tennis player in the world played tennis with the president – Barack Obama. You know, no biggie. Wozniacki and Obama were doing Easter activities on Live with Kelly and Michael when the pick-up game happened.

It’s quite an impressive feat to do two major things like that in only one day. I bet Wozniacki will be feeling some jet lag later on for sure.

Her and the other Wisconsin fans have been enjoying the game thus far since the Badgers have been in good position for the entire game. Hopefully the men in red can continue having success so more gifs like the one above can be made.

The second half just started, and Wisconsin just got a five-point lead (the largest of the night).

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