Like most of us, LeBron James isn’t a fan of the dentist (Photo)


LeBron James is like a superhero on the basketball court, but he’s really an average person just like the rest of us.

Does anyone actually like going to the dentist? Getting your teeth cleaned is nice and all, but it’s never a pleasurable experience.

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Some people try to make it seem like only children dislike the dentist, but that’s not true at all. Adults are just better at faking things. Even in all his stardom and glory, LeBron James still hates the dentist – and he isn’t afraid to let people know it.

Going to the dentist after eating all of that Easter candy? Sounds pretty smart.

Even though James looks completely unhappy in that selfie, he really has a lot to be happy about, basketball wise. James and the Cleveland Cavaliers have won 13 of their last 16 games and are looking like one of the elite teams in the league. It seems like only yesterday the season had just started and the world was ripping the Cavaliers apart for starting 5-7. A lot of sports people don’t have any patience, and Cleveland certainly wasn’t given any this year. The Cavaliers had a long list of drama to get to this point, but none of that matters anymore.

Cleveland only has five games remaining on their schedule, and it’s very possible for them to win out: at Milwaukee, vs. Boston, at Boston, vs Detroit and vs Washington. They have a four-game lead over the Chicago Bulls for the 2-seed in the Eastern conference playoffs, and things should stay that was so long Cleveland doesn’t completely drop the ball in these last five games.

The last couple of spots in the East are still up for grabs between a few teams. As things are right now, the Cavaliers would be set to play the Brooklyn Nets in the first round of the playoffs – but it wouldn’t be surprising to see that change.

As for James and his personal game, this season has turned into another one of his great years. He started the season rough, but he is now in the MVP race, as he always is, with averages of 25.6 points (49 percent shooting), 7.3 assists and six rebounds.

It’s crazy to think the Cavaliers are already in this position in just their first year in James’ return. The Atlanta Hawks are a great team, but that really looks like the only true competition between Cleveland getting to the Finals. Maybe things will get more interesting if Derrick Rose can return soon and play well, but it’s hard to put many more eggs in that basket.

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