Is this the new U.S. soccer uniform?


United States Mens’ National Team soccer kit may have been leaked.

An image of what is possibly the new U.S. national soccer team uniform has leaked on Twitter. Here is the uniform:

This would reportedly be the uniform for both the men’s and women’s teams, and the jersey can be found for sale on this website.

It’s hard to tell if this is the real deal; nothing has been announced by Nike or the U.S. teams yet, and leaks from websites such as this aren’t exactly the most trustworthy of sources.

But for the purposes of this article, let’s pretend this is going to be the U.S. national kit for 2015. And let’s throw all objectivity out the window: this looks atrocious.

It doesn’t even make an sense: the top fourth is blue, the second fourth is made up of awkward red and white stripes, and the rest is just white? Who designed this thing? The U.S. jerseys may be going from bad to worse, as last year’s kit already looked like especially patriotic vomit. The two jerseys do look like they were designed by the same person, so that does lend a bit of credibility to this leak.

THE USMNT also revealed new away uniforms back in February, that seemingly follow a similar ethos. I guess not having a classic look like Brazil or Argentina leads to attempts to try crazy things.

Naturally, the world of twitter had a few things to say when they caught sight of this jersey, and none of them were nice:

But through all this negativity, there was one beacon of optimism, attempting to shine through it all.

Shine on, you beacon of positivity. Shine on.