Scoreboard showed Wisconsin vs. Kentucky playing in title game


During the NCAA National Title game, the scoreboard at Lucas Oil Stadium showed Wisconsin facing Kentucky, instead of Duke.

Wisconsin is apparently playing Kentucky again in the national title game according to the scoreboard at Lucas Oil Stadium. The guys running the scoreboard never got the memo that the two winners of the Final Four were to meet in the championship, not simply a rematch of one of the two semi-final games.

Beating the no. 1 overall seeded Kentucky team once in the Final Four just wasn’t enough I guess. After all, the Final Four match up was a very tight game that was extremely entertaining, so I don’t think too many fans would hate to see a rematch between Wisconsin and Kentucky.

But in all actuality, the people running the scoreboard just messed up. How can you blame them though? The school colors of Duke and Kentucky are eerily similar. In fact, just one shade of blue is the difference between the two teams’ school colors. It’s a good thing they didn’t meet in the championship. No one would have been able to figure out which fans were cheering for which team.

As the game continues, look for the Badgers to continue facing off against the Duke Blue Devils in what is the culmination of an intense NCAA tournament. Don’t let those score board operators fool you. Kentucky is not actually playing in this game. No matter how similar the colors might be.

With the game concluding, the drama is just beginning as we have an absolute barn burner in Indianapolis. No one would have thought that the match up between Duke and Wisconsin could be so intense. But once you get in the championship game, the stakes are raised and emotions run high.

I just hope they fix the scoreboard to accurately depict who is playing in this epic game.

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