Prince Fielder belly flops, reminds us why he’s not known for his defense (Video)


Watch the Texas Rangers slugger Prince Fielder try, and fail, to catch a baseball.

The Texas Rangers did not trade for Prince Fielder for his defensive prowess. Fielder is less gold glove first baseman, more “plays first base because players have to have positions, so here, do this.” In little league they stick you in the outfield; in the pros, they put you at first base.

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So they’re not expecting Gold Glove defense. Or even Bronze Glove defense, an award I have just made up. But they do expect him to be able to complete routine plays, such as catching an easy foul pop up.

But when Fielder went up for a foul ball Wednesday against the A’s, this happened instead:

That is one epic belly flop.

Fielder clearly followed a five-step process there:

  1. See the ball.
  2. Track the ball through the air.
  3. “I’ve got it!”
  4. “Wait, it’s over there!”
  5. “Noooooooooo-” THUMP.

Maybe this is Fielder trying to make a point. The point being “please, please, put me at DH.”

Hilarious as this is, it still loses out on the 2015 “Funniest Baseball Play” crown to the time Chris Young struck out against the pitching machine. Nothing is beating that unless something truly crazy happens. Fielder’s going to have to work a bit harder if he wants that crown. (Note: he shouldn’t work toward this).

The Rangers, fittingly, lost the game 10-0.

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