Pedro Martinez shows great restraint to not strangle fan taking photo (Video)


During the Yankees and Red Sox game, a Yankees fan decided to give Pedro Martinez no breathing room as he took a photo.

Some fans take their obsessions a tad too far. One New York Yankees fan decided to show no respect at all as he took a photo of Pedro Martinez’s dome from just inches away.

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Everyone loves it when they see a celebrity, however many don’t know how to behave in the presence of a noticeable person and end up making an ass out of themselves.

This Yankees fan, who had great seats and got to sit next to a hall of fame pitcher, decided to do the most cringe-worthy thing when he realized he was sitting next to Martinez.

Rather than just simply asking politely for a photo, he shoved his smart phone in the former Red Sox pitcher’s face like he was at the zoo. What is even more baffling is that the dude zooms in on his phone despite being about six inches from Martinez’s face.

Maybe it’s the rivalry that made the Yankees fan want to make a former Red Sox player as uncomfortable as possible, which is quality trolling, or maybe he just doesn’t care.

Even more impressive is the restraint that Martinez uses to not to take that fan’s phone and stick it where the sun doesn’t shine. I guess he got used to blocking things out at Yankees Stadium. I mean, when you have an entire ballpark chanting “who’s your daddy” at you, what is one cellphone.

Looking at his face, Martinez is obviously contemplating how fast he could fire that phone. If he’s got anything left from his playing days, he could probably throw it pretty fast.

The dude is lucky Martinez didn’t go all old school on him, he had a bit of a temper when he was playing. A younger Martinez almost would’ve been guaranteed to be less calm and something crazy would’ve gone down, I mean this is a guy who once threw an old man to the ground… seriously. (Fast forward to the 1:10 mark in the video below).

Or Mr. Yankees fan is luck he didn’t encounter this version of a younger Martinez.

[H/T: The Cauldron, CBS Sports]

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