Jordan Spieth vocally wills the ball on after shot (Video)


“Go Hard!” Jordan Spieth exclaimed as he willed the ball down the course after a beautiful shot.

Jordan Spieth has been setting records all weekend at The Masters and is looking to win the tournament with a record-setting performance.

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With a chance to do something big, Spieth has been cheering his golf ball on down the course after striking it each time.

After one shot, Spieth forcefully willed his ball down the course. Following a beautiful shot, Spieth began shouting “Go Hard!,” as the ball traveled down the course.

The psychology between golfers and their golf balls is nothing new, as it’s just them and the golf ball doing battle for victory on the course.

Spieth, isn’t the first to talk to his golf ball and he certainly won’t be the last. Many other golfers talk to their golf balls all the time, including Happy Gilmore, who tried to will the ball into its home before beating up his caddy, throwing the flag stick like a javelin and destroying his golf clubs.

Spieth is on his way to doing something special on Sunday, where he has a chance to become the second-youngest golfer ever to win The Masters.

He’s doing whatever it takes, including cheering on his ball the entire way down the course.

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