Paul George dunks for the first time since returning from injury (Video)


It was a welcome sight in Indianapolis Sunday, as Paul George dunked for the first time since returning from injury.

While the Pacers might just barely miss out on the playoffs in the Eastern Conference, things have been looking up again in Indiana with Paul George returning from a brutal leg injury he suffered in a scrimmage for USA Basketball last summer.

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While Paul George isn’t completely 100% yet, he did something Sunday that made Pacers fans and NBA fans feel better.

He dunked again for the first time since returning from the injury.

After a steal in transition, George was able to breakaway and was fed a pass for a wide open slam.

While the dunk wasn’t as powerful as it could have been, George took a few extra steps to ensure the safety of his leg and that he would make it.

While he may not be back to the point of slamming the ball home with authority, the fact he’s willing to attempt dunks is a good sign for the Pacers.

George even told the Indy Star before the game that he wasn’t quite fully healthy yet and ready to make big plays.

"“I’m not fully 100 yet, so there’s still rehab stuff I’ve got to do when the season’s done. Just because there are some things I can’t do on my leg, so that’s going to take some time,” George said. “But once I (get) to the summer, I won’t be worried about having sore days and stuff like that. It’s a long summer, I’ve got time to heal, time to recover. That’s when I’ll really work on a lot of stuff that will make me better.”"

He may not be healthy, but he has the offseason ahead of him and plenty of time before next season to get ready. That alone should make Pacers fans excited about their future.

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