Brewers’ Francisco Rodriguez snags line drive rocketing towards his head (Video)

Credit: Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports
Credit: Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports /

Brewers reliever Franisco Rodriguez came within inches of getting his head taken off, but his incredible reflex saved the day.

Francisco Rodriguez narrowly avoided a very scary moment on Monday.

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Coming in to close out the Brewers lead over the St. Louis Cardinals in the ninth inning, Rodriguez almost took a line drive to the head.

Jhonny Peralta, was the first batter of the inning and he hit a hard shot right back at the Brewers pitcher.

Luckily for Rodriguez, he was able to react quick enough and snag the ball before it gave him several new facial features. Even better, for Rodriguez and the Brewers it was the first out of the inning.

Not only did the reflexes of Rodriguez save his head and potentially his life, he also saved the game to joy of Brewers fans everywhere.

Last season along with past years, multiple pitchers around the league weren’t as lucky when trying to prevent a shot to the dome.

Rays pitcher Alex Cobb, might have been the most notable as he got drilled straight in the head by Royals first baseman Eric Hosmer.

Cobb would be stretchered out of the park after the play and miss two months as a result.

Every game pitchers are in the line of fire and danger as they take the mound. With fast pitches and high bat speeds, the end result can be very dangerous for those hit by line drives.

Instances like Rodriguez, Cobb and many others is why baseball wants to implement a protective cap for their players to avoid serious incidents.

Monday night, it looked like baseball was about to have another serious head injury, but luckily Francisco Rodriguez made a highlight reel catch to save both the game and his head.

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