Donald Sloan got stuffed by Kris Humphries (Video)


Indiana Pacers guard Donald Sloan was rejected first by the Wizards’ Kris Humphries and then the rim on Tuesday night. 

Not all blocked shots are created equal. Some are nasty rejections where the ball ends up three rows into the stands. Others are pinned against the backboard and sent back the other way for an odd-man fastbreak advantage.

Others still end up still advancing near the rim hoping to still somehow tuck themselves into the orange cup for a good two, or three, points.

One blocked shot on Tuesday night, more or less, fits that final description. Donald Sloan of the Indiana Pacers took the ball hard to the basket against Kris Humphries of the Washington Wizards.

It is pretty clear that Sloan saw Humphries based on his gathering to go up strong for the one-handed jam. It did not matter, though, as Humphries got the better of Sloan, slowing his shot enough that it careened off the rim before the mammoth forward was able to corral it and start a Wizards fastbreak.

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In real time, the rejection looks like a nasty swatted shot. It is only upon a slow-mo replay that it is apparent Sloan was nearly strong enough to reject the rejection.

What a play that would have been. Then again, Humphries–who drew a kind of attention he certainly never craved by once marrying a Kardashian–probably deserves to be given credit for the blocked shot.

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