2015 NBA Playoff Previews: Atlanta Hawks vs. Brooklyn Nets


Now that the regular season has ended, we’ve switched into playoff mode here at Friendly Bounce. To kick off our coverage, we’re bringing you some unique previews of every series. You’ll find a #10WordRecap of each team’s season, a recap of their season using emojis, important Vines, and reasons why they will, and won’t, win their first-round matchup. 

Atlanta Hawks (1): By Chris Barnewall (@ChrisBarnewall)


Oh my god so many 3-pointers raining down destruction.

Emoji Recap

Three Most Important Vines

Bench getting turnt

Kyle Korver slam

Phillips is LIT

“Woke up an optimist. Sun was shining, I’m positive.” The Hawks will win because…

Are you kidding me? How is this even a question? The Hawks are going to win this series, because they are not only the best team in the East, but one of the best in the entire NBA. They have no need for traditional superstars, because the ball is constantly flying around all over the court, and teams get disoriented at the flurry of 3-pointers while trying to chase down guys like Kyle Korver and Jeff Teague. Put your money on the Hawks now folks cause this one is already finished.

“Too many Urkels on your team that’s why your wins low.” The Hawks will lose because…

The Hawks are going to lose this series because no matter what their record, no matter what logo they roll out with, and no matter how many 3-pointers they shoot, these are still the Atlanta Hawks. The franchise that has never been to Conference Finals their entire time in Atlanta. Underachieving is second nature to these guys, and now we get to watch them as they do it all over again.

Brooklyn Nets (8): By Wes Goldberg (@wcgoldberg)


Life after the Boston trade. Yo man we made it.

Emoji Recap

Three Most Important Vines

Do the hokey-pokey and you turn yourself around…


Brook going to work

“Woke up an optimist. Sun was shining, I’m positive.” The Nets will win because…

The Nets are a team that just won’t go away. Opponents have to face some of the most annoying guys in the league in Jarrett Jack and Brook Lopez, who somehow always seem to get buckets in crunch time. The Nets have also added Thad Young since the trade deadline and every once in a while Deron Williams will have a good game. If this team can fire on all cylinders, maybe they have a chance against an injured Hawks team.

“Too many Urkels on your team that’s why your wins low.” The Nets will lose because…

Here is the problem with the Nets: They aren’t good enough at one thing that they can exploit a mismatch. This isn’t Lionel Hollins’ Grizzlies with that big front line or even the Hawks’ front court of stretch bigs. The Nets don’t have a mismatch to attack and don’t have the talent the Hawks do.