Ball gets stuck in Cubs’ ivy, game comes to screeching halt


The Chicago Cubs hit a ball into their own ivy, then complained when the game to a halt and they got an unfavorable ruling.

The San Diego Padres and Chicago Cubs are squaring off in Kris Bryant’s debut. While the rookie’s first Major League Baseball game isn’t going well, but things for the Cubs aren’t going well in general.

During the bottom of the 7th inning, it looked like the Cubs had scored a game-tying run after a deep hit bounced up against the back wall.

The only problem is that the ball got stuck in the ivy.

The Cubs’ Dexter Fowler rounded the bases to tie the game initially,  but the got sent back for to second base because it is a ground rule double when the ball gets caught in the ivy. The umpires stopped the game to discuss it for a few minutes, making sure they had the call right, before the game resumed. Ultimately, they decided a ground rule double was the right call.

Cubs fans were rather incensed about the ruling, despite it being their park and basically their rules.

Others were a little more practical.

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