Iman Shumpert shaved his number into his hair (Video)


The Cleveland Cavaliers are back in the postseason, and Iman Shumpert is celebrating by shaving his jersey number into the back of his head.

It’s been years since the Cleveland Cavaliers were in the postseason, and their return is being honored in more than one way. LeBron James is honoring things by being low key about the whole thing, Kevin Love is honoring things by not making it all about himself and the Cavaliers video department is honoring the postseason trip with really crappy A/V Club quality hype videos.

Others, like Ian Shumpert, are honoring the trip to the postseason by honoring his own brand — himself.

Iman Shumpert sure knows how to build a brand, and that all apparently starts with shaving your brand onto your head.

Shumpert’s hair is masterful, as no one has rocked the high top as well since Kids N’ Play, which both should make us all feel nostalgic but also really old. Shumpert shaving his number into the back of his head just takes the hair style to a completely different level.

The Cavaliers are one of the most entertaining teams in the postseason and they’re a team that a lot of people will be watching. These kinds of antics are cute and all, but if the Cavaliers run into problems then things won’t reman cute for long.

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