ESPN already all-in on Tim Tebow coverage


There is no bigger media darling than Tim Tebow, and ESPN’s dreams came true when news broke today that he will be signing a one-year deal with the Philadelphia Eagles

Tebow Mania is back ladies and gentleman, and if ESPN has anything to say about it, the circus surrounding the sports media’s favorite third string quarterback will be here to stay.

Today is an amazing day in the sports community. The Boston Marathon is underway, and making as big a comeback as ever following the devastating terrorist attacks just two years ago. We have had a weekend filled with thrilling NBA and NHL playoff action, and that intensity is only going to rise with more games on the schedule for tonight.

Yet somehow, someway, Tim Tebow signing a one-year minimum contract with the Philadelphia is the No. 2 headline on the sports media conglomerate’s website, along with a video breaking down how the media darling fits into Chip Kelly’s quirky offensive scheme.

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ESPN’s infatuation is both old news and utterly absurd. Back 2012, the Heisman winning quarterback lead the Denver Broncos to a miraculous overtime playoff victory, when he hit wide receiver Demaryius Thomas on an 80-yard, game-winning touchdown pass (or he just closed his eyes and chunked up a deep ball to the talented and speedy receiver, whichever way you see it).

Given his decorated college career, which included a Heisman Trophy, two BCS National Championships and two first team All-American honors, the big play in the spotlight was just what the media needed to find their next superstar, even if his potential as a great, good or even mediocre quarterback was simply not there.

Doug Gottlieb, who worked for ESPN during the height of Tebow Mania, told the Dan Patrick show that the network’s management encouraged and enacted the Tebow-centric agenda.

Of course it was easily passed over when he went 9-for-26 the following week against the New England Patriots during an embarrassing 45-10 defeat. The quarterback was traded to the Jets following the playoffs, and ESPN’s Tebow circus ascended upon New York during his one season with the team.

Tebow saw limited action in New York, being used primarily in the wildcat formation when he was used at all. He was released by the Jets after the season and signed with the Patriots, who cut him before the regular season began.

Where is all of the ESPN hype surrounding other backup quarterbacks? You know, ones who will break past the No. 3 spot on the depth chart? Or just anybody who has made an impact in an NFL game during the past three years?

Brian Hoyer experienced some success as a starter last season, and signed a new deal to be the backup in Houston. Heck, he may even get a chance to start, but that did not make headlines. Even Tebow’s new team, the Eagles, made much more meaningful acquisitions this offseason when they re-signed Mark Sanchez and swapped Nick Foles for former No. 1 overall pick Sam Bradford.

Unfortunately, none of that is front page worthy news. Instead, we will be forced to live with constant coverage of the most hyped third-stringer in NFL history. Brace yourself, it is not going away anytime soon.

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