Fantasy Football: The Eagles Really Signed Tim Tebow?


The Eagles really signed Tim Tebow, will he be fantasy relevant?

That is the million dollar question of course. Will Tim Tebow be fantasy relevant? Of course the billion dollar question is will Tim Tebow even make the roster. The Philadelphia Inquirer seems to think that Tebow’s shot of making the roster is “long” at best. I know many of you are probably laughing at even the prospect of doing a post on Tebow here, but let us just imagine for a minute that Tebow did make the roster.

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The Eagles have signed him, so I would guess he has a decent shot of making the team and if there is one guy in the NFL who can make Tebow fantasy relevant again, it would certainly be Chip Kelly. Chip Kelly even made Mark Sanchez look like an NFL quarterback at times last season. I really in all honesty do not think that Tebow will see any significant time if he does make the roster, but you can not deny that he is an intriguing prospect for fantasy football.

Tebow has always been a player that delivered more in the way of hype than he did fantasy success, even in his stint as the Broncos starting QB. Tebow has always been much like every other QB who is run dependant and needed a rushing TD to make his day a good one. In his most successful season in Denver he threw for 12 TDs in 14 games played. Of those 14 games only he only logged over 20 attempts in 8 games. Tebow sported a dismal 46.5% completion rate while tossing six interceptions.

One thing that we can say and know about Tebow is that he really is a winner. He won at Florida and he won as his only real shot at a starting gig in Denver. You can make all the jokes that you want to about the guy, but he really is a winner. Speaking of jokes, here are a few of the good ones I found on Twitter.

My favorite so far.

He does whatever it takes and has a phenomenal work ethic. If Tebow could manage to gain some accuracy, then one would think that he would have the skills to do some fantasy football damage. As he stands right now, regardless of what the hype train does with Tim Tebow I think it is safe to leave him undrafted and on waiver wires of the leagues with year-round activity. Oh sure you could add him in a large league like maybe 16 teams and take a major flier, but you certainly don’t want to drop anyone of any sort of relevance for him. Feel free to add him I mean especially if it is a free fantasy league, but beyond that I would not expect much.

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