Melvin Gordon caught rocking a Cowboys shirt on Jim Rome (video)


NFL draft prospect Melvin Gordon was on the Jim Rome show and was called out for wearing a Dallas Cowboys t-shirt. 

NFL Draft prospect Melvin Gordon was on The Jim Rome show on SHOWTIME and Rome called him out on his gear that he was wearing. Gordon was wearing a zipped up hoodie, but somehow Rome got word that he also had a Dallas Cowboys shirt on underneath.

Here is Rome calling him out and Gordon’s reaction:

The reaction is classic! Gordon looked like the kid that had his hands in the cookie jar.

The Dallas Cowboys will be looking to add a running back through the draft this season and Melvin Gordon is a big possibility when they make their selection. There has even been talk about the Cowboys moving up in the draft in order to take Gordon.

With DeMarco Murray packing his stuff to head to Philadelphia, the Cowboys will select one of the top running back prospects in the draft to join the team. Todd Gurley could be a possibility in the first round and Gordon is the other option. If the Cowboys wait till the 2nd round, there will be some solid talent there as well.

At least we know that Gordon would love to sport the Dallas Cowboys colors. Will he get that opportunity on Sundays?

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