NBA Playoffs 2015, Updated Bracket: Cavaliers sweep Celtics


The Boston Celtics came out balling in Game 4 against the Cleveland Cavaliers, but this year just wasn’t meant to be for Brad Stevens’ crew. 

The NBA Playoffs will be wrapping up most of it’s first-round series this week, and the Boston Celtics were looking to put that off for as long as they could. Despite their loyal fans cheering them on the very end like they were still in the series, the Celtics couldn’t get a win in Game 4 and were swept out of the postseason.

But on their way out, the Celtics beat, battered and bloodied the Cavaliers, and may have broken them ahead of a second round series against the Chicago Bulls — probably.

LeBron James and the Cavaliers weren’t going to lose this series, but they were given a lot more than they expected in Game 4, and the Celtics hung tight with Cleveland for the of the series. Cleveland wasn’t short on the scares in their sweep of the Celtics, and it’s something that will either wake them up or relabel cracks to their future opponents.

Here’s a look at the updated NBA Playoffs Bracket now that the Cleveland Cavaliers have swept their way to the second-round.

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2015NBABracket_form /

The Boston Celtics are going to be a good team in the future — but the future is not now. Cleveland may have been given their most intense physical test of the season on Sunday in Game 4 but they had better hope it woke them up and didn’t begin to break them.

Cleveland may be without Kendrick Perkins, J.R. Smith and Kevin Love for the start of their next series, and the Chicago Bulls — or Milwaukee Bucks — have the Boston Celtics to thank for that.

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