Daily Fantasy Basketball: FanDuel Lineups For April 30


FanDuel Lineups For April 30

With only two games on the roster for April 30 it is becoming increasingly difficult to enter a solid lineup. I had a hard time with either being $100 short of affording what I wanted and then I would get a lineup I liked and leave almost $2,000 on the table. Regardless we will continue giving it a run and expecting these guys to live up to their potential.

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Rolling at PG we have Derrick Rose and Michael Carter-Williams. I realize that Rose has had two abysmal games in a row, but I am really expecting him to rebound and the key to these things is starting a guy that goes off that every one else has soured on and left on the bench. Now MCW on the other hand had a huge effort on Tuesday with over 49 fantasy points.

At the SG position I give you Jimmy Butler and O.J. Mayo. It is a shame that these two don’t get extra points every time they get in a tussle or exchange pleasantries. We would probably take home first place if that was the case. These two have been going at it and Butler has been posting monster numbers the past few games. I feel pretty good with these two at SG.

At SF we have to roll out Kawhi Leonard and Khris Middleton. Leonard has been spectacular and a pure joy to watch while Middleton has been a sold role player for the Bucks. If these two follow-up with how they have played so far in the playoffs we should be in great shape at this point.

Our PF starters are going to be Pau Gasol and Taj Gibson. I am expecting the Bulls to take care of business in Milwaukee and not want to come back no matter how friendly the United Center is. It appears as though Taj Gibson has started to heal a bit from that shoulder injury and is putting up a little better numbers. The Bulls will need both Gibson and Gasol to bring their best games and take care of the Bucks.

At C it was hard not to try to squeeze Noah in and go for a Bulls back-court trifecta, but with the way Zaza Pachulia has been playing and for the small price tag I had to draft him and put him to work for us tonight. Hopefully our guys will show out and get us upwards of 330 fantasy points so we can bring home a little bit more money. As always thanks for reading and good luck to you all FanDuelers!

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