Dante Fowler in Jaguars uniform for Madden (Photo)


Dante Fowler is depicted in a Jacksonville Jaguar uniform for his Madden 15 draft card.

Dante Fowler was picked up by the Jacksonville Jaguars with the number three pick. The card depicts what Fowler may look like on the field as a Jaguar. Fowler, having played college ball for Florida, will remain in the sunshine state to begin his pro career.

In his Madden draft card, Fowler is wearing the black Jacksonville jersey and is running across the field. It is a pretty generic picture but still a nice teaser for any Jaguar fan excited to welcome Fowler to the roster.

TW_Fowler_jags /

There is no word from EA Sports yet but one can only hope that Fowler will have alternate gold and spiky shoes. It would be a fun nod to the eccentric shoes he wore to the draft that football fans would enjoy.

Unfortunately for Fowler he is one of the least fun game characters of the top three draft picks. The top two draft picks were both quarterbacks. Fowler, on the other hand, is an outside linebacker. No one looks forward to playing the outside linebacker in Madden. It’s not a fun position to play in a video game. It’s all about playing making big plays with the quarterback, running back, or wide receiver. I’m not sure anyone even wants to play defense in Madden.

All the fun is on the offensive side of the game unless you make a good pick or recover a fumble. But in the cases of a fumble or pick its only fun because you know you are about to play offense and you don’t have to play boring defense anymore.

No matter your play-style preference Dante Fowler will be available on Madden Mobile and Madden Ultimate Team 15. So grab your phones and give defense some love.

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