MLB Power Rankings: Cardinals and Royals rivalry expands to top of the rankings

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While the St. Louis Cardinals cannot play .700 baseball all season long, they certainly are right now and are not looking back from the top of the FanSided MLB Power Rankings.

Over the past week, Major League Baseball saw some things the game has never seen before, as well as some significant milestones. From an unassisted double-play from a center fielder at first base to a 4-5-4 triple play to major strike-out marks for Felix Hernandez and Clayton Kershaw, baseball always has something to grab your attention.

However, for every new development in the game, there is some tried and true consistency we can always fall back on. One of those things is the St. Louis Cardinals, who for the second consecutive week will top our rankings. However, while our top 10 will look quite familiar, the group of teams that are collectively treading water near the .500 mark indicates that the landscape around the game could change swiftly if just one or two of these squads gets hot or if a devastating injury impacts a team’s hopes.

Oh, and did I mention that we now have a new team in the cellar?

So how does the rest of our rankings shape up? Which teams are stepping up and which teams are sliding into mediocrity? Step inside and let’s take a look.

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