Phillies catcher nails the pitcher in the throat with the ball (Video)


Phillies pitcher Sean O’Sullivan is going to start watching the throw backs from the catcher a little more closely now

The saying in the sport of football is that you should always keep your head on a swivel. Well, that also applies to the sport of baseball as well, as Phillies pitcher Sean O’Sullivan was nice enough to show us on Monday afternoon.

Although, it wasn’t all nice for him.

The Phillies took on the Arizona Diamondbacks on Monday afternoon, and at one point when O’Sullivan was on the mound, he and his catcher, Cameron Rupp, had a slight mishap. Well, it was almost more than just a little mishap, because O’Sullivan almost lost his vocal chords.

Just like he’s done hundreds of times in his career before, O’Sullivan fired off a pitch towards the mound, although this time, he was NOT prepared for the throw back from Rupp. Because of this, he took the ball square in the throat.

Ow! That was right smack-dab in the middle of the throat. All joking aside, O’Sullivan is lucky that he wasn’t seriously injured by this, things could have ended up a lot worse.

But somehow, he was able to stay in the game and keep pitching. Better man than I am.

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