Reporter is mad that Steph Curry brought his cute daughter kid to presser


A reporter is mad that Steph Curry brought his adorable daughter to the press conference.

Golden State Warriors guard and reigning MVP of the NBA Stephen Curry lead his team to a win in Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals on Tuesday night. Afterwards, Curry brought his beautiful daughter into the press conference with him like so many other NBA stars do.

Apparently Brett Friedlander, who writes for the Star News Online, was not thrilled with it. There are professionals with a job to do and she is just getting in the way.

[UPDATE:] Since the tweet has since been deleted.


— end of update —

I mean, who does Curry think he is bringing his kid to a press conference? It’s not like Chris Paul or Derrick Rose do it. It wasn’t like his father brought him around when he was playing in the league.

I mean… how can you be mad at this adorable little girl.

He is clearly alone in his thinking because everyone else seems to think she enhanced the press conference.

Including us.

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