Waiver Wire: Power Supply

Sep 19, 2014; Miami, FL, USA; Miami Marlins first baseman Justin Bour (48) connects for a solo home run during the fourth inning against the Washington Nationals at Marlins Ballpark. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

I think it is safe to say that all fantasy baseball owners and really all baseball fans, love the long ball. As fantasy owners we often try to load up on power guys as they often are the catalyst to the championship runs we plan to make.

You and I as owners always see it every season, usually the teams that have good records and are atop our leagues usually jumped all over those power bats that stayed out on the waiver wire too long.

I have two guys in mind that may be power options that can give you the help you need or strengthen a weak spot in your lineup. 

Trevor Plouffe– Raise your hand if you thought the Minnesota Twins would have best record in the AL going into June this season. Yeah me neither, I think even the most optimistic Twins fans would have never guessed it either.

But, there they are and they have been fun to watch. Outside of the quality bullpen and some production from their young SP, they success of their team in my opinion has been their sneaky good lineup.

We all know Joe Mauer, Brian Dozier and even Torii Hunter, but an overlooked cog of the lineup has been the great production from Plouffe. Plouffe has proven to be the anchor of the middle of the lineup and has supplied some clutch hits that have propelled the Twins to where they are now.

Throughout his career Plouffe has been really an all or nothing kind of hitter. He either strikes out or hits a home run and going into the 2015 season it seemed as though he was just keeping the seat warm until the Twins made the eventual move to Miguel Sano.

But Plouffe has cooled that hot seat on and has shown that he certainly has his power stroke heading so far. Plouffe is notorious for his hot starts as he did the same thing in 2014, but this season has me a little more optimistic that he may maintain some success throughout the year.

So far this season he sits at a .279 AVG, 8 HR, and 29 RBI. This is a solid start and great even if he is just a CI. The .279 is more than likely a mirage as he has never shown the propensity to hit for a high AVG.

His BABIP (batting average on balls is play) is right around league average at .317 so his hot start is not just merely luck. I also like that his BB% is up from the last two years showing that he may be becoming more patient at the plate.

As a June pickup he will certainly provide some pop and run production as the Twins lineup is probably one of the better ones he has been a part of. Pick him up and ride his hot streak right now with the potential that he can produce another 20+ HR season like in 2012.

Justin Bour– Bour is another off the radar guy that has quietly been producing as he has stepped in for the ineffective and oft-injured Michael Morse. Bour is an interesting guy that has shown throughout the minors that he can hit for some decent power and even a respectable AVG as well.

Bour so far this season is hitting .369, 5 HR, with 10 RBI’s since his call up. All of his HR’s came in the month of May and he has really been a bright spot for the Marlins so far this season. He does get protected from LHP, so he is apt to sitting a few games a week but it is hard to ignore a guy that has hit this well so far.

Now I will concede that he will not maintain the .369 AVG, no one can, but let’s say he hovers around the .265-.270 mark if he is given an extended role even if Morse returns. Right now he is even batting behind Stanton, with Dee Gordon and Martin Prado atop the order, there are some great RBI potential as well.

Bour is a guy I am certainly targeting to fill either a CI or UTIL spot because he has all the makings of a guy that could pounce on his opportunity and thrive in his role. I think that even if he does get platooned when Morse comes back, Bour will flirt with 20 HR’s, so as June is upon us, what more could you ask for from a waiver wire power flier.