LeBron James goes nuts after the Cavs win Game 2


The Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors battled it out in Game 3. But the Cavs came out victorious in dramatic fashion which made LeBron James go absolutely nuts.

If Game 1 of the NBA finals was any indication of how crazy this series was going to get, we shouldn’t have been surprised about the insanity that Game 2 brought us. I don’t know what I was expecting. With Steph Curry  on one side and LeBron James on the other, this series was bound to get a little heated. But with everything that went on in Game 2, everyone was thoroughly entertained. LeBron showed just how excited he was after the Cavs finally closed out this overtime victory.

Here is a close up of what LeBron actually looked like after the buzzer rang.

LeBron James went off. He scored 39 points on 11 of 34 shooting which is hardly the most impressive statistic out there. But LeBron brought it from every aspect of what you can do as a basketball player tonight. He finished with 16 rebounds and 11 assists proving that you don’t need a big three to win a title. All you need is one LeBron James.

In the closing seconds of regulation, the Golden State Warriors forged somewhat of a comeback after the Cavs were up for the majority of the game. They tied the game with just 8 seconds remaining, giving the Cavs the ball to end regulation. Despite taking tons and tons of contact on his way to the basket, LeBron missed a lay up with no foul called and the game went to the second overtime of this series.

In overtime, the Cavs jumped out to an early lead, but the Warriors just wouldn’t go away. Draymond Green had two key put backs that let the Warriors remain within striking distance, then Steph Curry got JR Smith to bite on a shot fake that set up two free throws and a one point lead with just 30 seconds left.

After a bunch of missed shots on the final possession for the Cavs, Dellavedova ended up with the ball and got mauled on his way up. After two more free throws sunk, the Cavs retook the lead to set up a 95 to 93 Cavs victory. I don’t really blame LeBron for reacting so emotionally to this win. He did blow it on the final play of regulation, but ended up making up for it in overtime. It was a roller coaster ride during the entire game and the Cavs are lucky to come out on top.

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