Ric Flair crashes NBA TV pregame show (Video)


Ric Flair said that he was going to show up to Game 4 of the NBA Finals in Cleveland, and he’s living up the moment in every way he can. 

When the Cleveland Cavaliers made it to the NBA Finals for the first time since 2007, WWE legend Ric Flair made it known that he was going to represent his favorite team. He wasn’t there for the first three games of the series, but he advertised his presence at Game 4 — and just like always, he’s delivering. 

Ric Flair already had run into LeBron James and posed with fans for pictures, but he wasn’t done letting everyone know that he was there with his rolex and diamond rings.

As the NBA TV crew broadcasted to all six people who watch that channel, Ric Flair dropped by to give us all a reason to tune in.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are probably going to win the NBA Finals and if that means we get more Ric Flair, then everyone should be rooting for Cleveland to win.

From J.R. Smith rolling up to The Q on a Segway to Ric Flair dropping in everywhere to just be awesome, these NBA Finals went from being possibly really depressing to really fun in a pretty fast amount of time.

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