Yasiel Puig breaks bat over his knee after strikeout (Video)

Yasiel Puig was a bit upset after a strikeout on Monday night and he took the anger out on his bat

If there is one trait that makes people love Los Angeles Dodgers slugger Yasiel Puig so much it’s the fact that he’s so competitive. While he has his moments where you question him, there’s no doubt that he just hates when he fails at something on the diamond. Monday night we were reminded of this fact.

The Dodgers took on the Rangers Monday night and they were down 4-1 in the eighth inning. With two runners on base, Puig had the chance to rectify everything for his team, especially if he could hit one of his monster blasts over the wall. Unfortunately, though, not only did he not tie the game in dramatic fashion, but he struck out.

Of course, this made the hard-on-himself Puig a bit upset, and so he took that anger out on his poor bat.

The tirade didn’t end there, though, as he wanted to do a little electrical work as well.

Not the first time that we’ve seen Puig throw a little tantrum like this and it most certainly will not be the last time.