St. Louis Cardinals cheating was predicted by ‘The Simpsons’ (Video)

Credit: Revelation Report (YouTube)
Credit: Revelation Report (YouTube) /

‘The Simpsons’ predicted the St. Louis Cardinals cheating 16 years ago.

The St. Louis Cardinals allegedly hacking into the Houston Astros’ databases seems like the type of far-fetched story that no one could have seen coming or predicted. However, there is at least one outlet that predicted the Cardinals’ devious ways 16 years before it happened.

That outlet is The Simpsons. In the season 11 episode entitled “Brother’s Little Helper,” Bart Simpson is put on unapproved behavioral medicine to help suppress his antics. As a side effect of Bart’s new medicine, he starts to believe that Major League Baseball is spying on him and the town of Springfield. That’s when this happens:

Bart was right the entire time. MLB was spying on Bart Simpson and the town of Springfield and who should be the face of the spying going on “around the clock,” but Cardinals then slugger Mark McGwire.

So there are obvious differences between what actually happened this week and what was predicted on the show, but the fact remains that a Cardinals player was involved in stealing information from unwilling parties.

The Simpsons has always been a groundbreaking, forward-thinking show. Now that they are predicting the future, though, they may be even more forward-thinking than we could have ever realized.

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