NBA Rumors: Knicks interested in signing Jeremy Lin

The New York Knicks are trying to bounce back from a terrible season, and they could go back to the well and reunite with Jeremy Lin. 

A few years ago, the New York Knicks were actually exciting and looked like they might be going places in the future. Flash forward to present day and the dumpster fire is raging so hot that the Knicks are looking less talented then a D-League team.

Part of what made the Knicks so exciting at the time was Jeremy Lin, as he rose to prominence in an era deemed ‘Linsanity’.  It wasn’t an era that lasted long though, as the Houston Rockets cashed in on the craze and failed to see returns on him. Ditto for the Lakers, who traded a first-round pick for him and proceeded to watch him not have an impact at all as a starter.

Now, in true Knicks fashion, they want him back.

According to Alex Kennedy from Basketball Insiders, the Knicks have interest in Jeremy Lin and have reached out to him about a contract.

Linsanity returning to New York could be interesting, but it’s not something that fixes everything that is wrong about them. He’s a supplementary signing if anything at all, and the Knicks can’t use him as a headline acquisition.

If Lin is coming back to New York, he’s going to be notable but will have to play his way back into relevancy. New York isn’t the place you go to redeem your career, but for Lin, going full circle might be what he needs to rejuvenate things.