Throwback Thursday: Chicago Bulls vs. New York Knicks, 1993 ECF Game 5


Hello and welcome to a new project we’re going to be doing during the offseason: Throwback Thursday. Each week we’ll pick one classic game to watch and “live tweet.” On Thursday we’ll post the video of the game along with our “tweets” as a sort of retro diary. Let’s get into it.

We start off Throwback Thursday by going back 22 years to Game 5 of the 1993 Eastern Conference Finals between the Chicago Bulls and the New York Knicks.

Box score.


@jackhaveitallmid-range shawty

midrange /

@ChrisBarnewallThe NBA on NBC theme might be the best theme ever

@ChrisBarnewall: Mike Fratello talking about NYK forcing MJ to take 3-pointers. The 90’s!

1st quarter

@Matt_CianfroneJordan picking up a foul 14 seconds into the game isn’t ideal.

@IanDoughertyRight off the bat, we see the physicality of 90’s ball, with Ewing being sent into the first row.

@jackhaveitall: 0-2 for jordan to start lol larry bird wouldn’t have missed those

@ChrisBarnewall: Mid-range jumpshots. Awful spacing. THE 90’S!

@Matt_Cianfrone: OAK DRIBBLE DRIVES! And it worked!


@Matt_Cianfrone: OAK SMASH! Knicks really doing a number against the Bulls press early.


@ChrisBarnewall: Patrick Ewing falls down like a robot

@ChrisBarnewall: Young Doc Rivers looks really similar to old Doc Rivers

@IanDougherty: Any time the Bulls make a shot, they get physical and press the Knicks up the floor. It’s crazy to see this and compare it to modern ball, when current rules would allow for quick, talented ball-handlers to sprint by.

@ChrisBarnewall: Knicks are killing Chicago in the fastbreak right now.

@Matt_Cianfrone: What a little set there by the Bulls to get the lob to Scottie. And MJ did a great job of getting the pass there on time.

@jackhaveitall: john starks takeover mode: engaged

@ChrisBarnewall: John Starks the original Jamal Crawford

@IanDougherty: John Starks just scored or assisted buckets on like 4 straight possessions.

@Matt_Cianfrone: What a sequence from John Starks. Dunk, layup, then assist gives the Knicks some momentum.

@jackhaveitall: this game confirmed lituation

@Matt_Cianfrone: Knicks forget the old “never save the ball under your own basket” rule. Bad mental mistake costs them.

@jackhaveitall: charles oakley walking out of the dressing room like he’s mick foley

@ChrisBarnewall: Ewing’s jumpshot was so good back in the day. Love watching him.

@ChrisBarnewall: Jordan’s so good at creating contact or space with his driving ability.

@Matt_Cianfrone: The Knicks are missing a lot of layups. Not a great way to go about things.

@IanDougherty: Jordan chose to distribute early in this game, and did it fantastically. Racked up 5 assists to help CHI score 31 in the 1st.

@Matt_Cianfrone: Starks has been great in the first quarter. Great sign for the Knicks.

@ChrisBarnewall: HA. Broken play almost turned into a bucket for Chicago. Bulls lead 31-28

2nd quarter

@IanDougherty: NBC just showed an interview with Phil Jackson asking him what type of names NY fans had called him. I wonder what they call him now that he runs their team.

@Matt_Cianfrone: Mase carved an M into his eyebrow. I love Mase.

@jackhaveitall: palming call number two on jordan lol chill out refs

@ChrisBarnewall: MJ struggling to score, but does have five assists to make up for it.

@Matt_Cianfrone: Not the cleanest basketball to start the second quarter

@jackhaveitall: yeeeessshhh ewing is a PROBLEM

@IanDougherty: My goodness, Patrick Ewing just BULLIED poor Will Perdue in the post for a bucket +1.

@ChrisBarnewall: EWING IS TOO STRONG

@Matt_Cianfrone: Ewing is just destroying the Bulls backup bigs. They stand no chance.

@ChrisBarnewall: How dare this ref call a travel on Horace Grant. Blasphemous.

@jackhaveitall: man the non-stop fouling is killing this game it was so fun in the first quarter

@ChrisBarnewall: The Knicks play an ugly brand of basetkball. Currently trying to figure out if I hate it less than Thibs offense.

@Matt_Cianfrone: MJ is STRUGGLING right now to score. A bucket here and there but not much consistently.

@ChrisBarnewall: The John Starks story of making it to the NBA is always really cool.

@Matt_Cianfrone: Thunder Dan and George Karl both looked pretty uncomfortable in those live shots. It was really funny.

@ChrisBarnewall: That shot of Dan Majerle and George Karl was the most awkward hilarious thing ever.

@jackhaveitall: SCOTTIE

@Matt_Cianfrone: RIP JOHN STARKS. Cause of death: Scottie Pippen.

@jackhaveitall: greg anthony is killing it off the bench right now

@ChrisBarnewall: Greg Anthony! Unexpected hero. MJ only 3-for-11. Not clutch IMO.

@Matt_Cianfrone: I don’t think that was a Flagrant.

@jackhaveitall: a little @friendlybounce for scottie

Knicks lead 56-55 at half. Always crazy how they go down the same tunnel.

@Matt_Cianfrone: Scottie is carrying the Bulls here in the first half. What a tip.

@ChrisBarnewall: RT @Matt_Cianfrone Scottie is carrying the Bulls here in the first half. What a tip.

3rd quarter

@IanDougherty: Scottie Pippen is having a tremendous game. He’s just gliding up and down the floor.

@ChrisBarnewall: Horace Grant on the boards is damn near unstoppable.

@Matt_Cianfrone: Cartwright could probably get called for that push every possession.

@ChrisBarnewall: Bulls off to a quick start here.

@Matt_Cianfrone: GOGGLES SMASH! Nice cut down the lane from Horace in transition.


@jackhaveitall: ma$e

@Matt_Cianfrone: Mase has been great with his ball handling tonight. Attacking quick and getting good looks.

@Matt_Cianfrone: Jordan palming again. Crazy that is called once in a game let alone  three times.

@jackhaveitall: hahaha another palming call its lit!

@ChrisBarnewall: Michael Jordan is getting called for an insane level of palms.

@ChrisBarnewall: What I’m saying is Jordan is palmier than a drunk senator during a christmas party.

@IanDougherty: Jordan has had 3 palming calls on him in this game. They’ve all been legit, but I’m surprised the refs are blowing the whistle on it.

@IanDougherty: Ahhh Hannah Storm is doing an interview with a Knicks assistant and he’s talking about film study and percentage of shots contested what a nerrrrrrrrrd.

@jackhaveitall: ewing is automatic when he gets deep post position

@Matt_Cianfrone: Man, Scottie Pippin has been so good.

@jackhaveitall: michael jordan: point god

@Matt_Cianfrone: NOOO, NOT MJ.

@ChrisBarnewall: Jordan hurt, and the entire world holds their breath.

@ChrisBarnewall:OOF. Jordan took a knee straight to the gut.

@ChrisBarnewall:Jordan lit up the Knicks following the gut shot. Might end up regretting that one New York.

@IanDougherty: Pippen just made a great pass in transition to a spot-up shooter…who happened to be the ref. NY ball. Been there bro.

@jackhaveitall: lol good pass scottie

@Matt_Cianfrone: That wasn’t fair MJ.

@Matt_Cianfrone: Patrick Ewing is so good. So, so good.

@ChrisBarnewall: Bulls lead 80-77 at the end of 3.

@Matt_Cianfrone: The Knicks should be afraid. MJ is cooking now.

4th quarter

@IanDougherty: Bill Cartwright just picked up his 5th foul. That’s a blow to the Bulls, because Ewing is having his way versus subs Stacey King and Perdue.

@ChrisBarnewall: Lots of off ball movement and creative defense this entire game. It’s really shining through right now.

@Matt_Cianfrone: MJ is “resting” by defending Mase. That seems like an awful way to rest.

@jackhaveitall: NICE


@Matt_Cianfrone: Michael Jordan is a flame thrower right now.

@IanDougherty: In the middle of the 4th, Jordan has the last 14 points for CHI, all after Doc Rivers accidentally knocked his breath out with a knee. Because who needs air, right?

@ChrisBarnewall: Time for Jordan to take over.

@ChrisBarnewall: 3WINGGGGG!!!!!!

@Matt_Cianfrone: 3WING

@jackhaveitall: EWING FOR THREE! MSG IS LIT!

@ChrisBarnewall: Remember this? That’s 14 straight points now RT @ChrisBarnewall Time for Jordan to take over.

@Matt_Cianfrone: STARKS SWATATION!

@ChrisBarnewall: Oh man that Mason footwork down low was goregous.

@ChrisBarnewall: REVIEW THAT REFS! What do you mean they can’t?

@Matt_Cianfrone: That Bull is dead sign doesn’t seem like a great idea. Really can only backfire on you.

@ChrisBarnewall: 10:51 since anybody besides Jordan scored? Lmao that’s just dumb.

@jackhaveitall: patrick ewing has entered god mode

@ChrisBarnewall: Now it’s Ewing’s turn to takeover.

@Matt_Cianfrone: Great players always end up in the right spot at the right time. Jordan did there in a huge moment. Bulls lead.

@ChrisBarnewall: Ohhhhhh that’s a close one. Hard to call that a block or charge either way.

@IanDougherty: SO. MANY. WHISTLES.

@Matt_Cianfrone: DOC SPLASH!

@ChrisBarnewall: RIV3RS! Knicks lead by 1!

@jackhaveitall: CRY M3 A RIV3R CHICAGO

@IanDougherty: Doc with the ONIONS three to put NY up.

@jackhaveitall: two minutes (ddossssss minutos)

@IanDougherty: Cartwright fouls out. Knicks have to try and hammer away with Ewing late.

@ChrisBarnewall: Stacey King enters the game, and for some reason I’m irritated.

@Matt_Cianfrone: Cartwright being out is going to be a problem for the Bulls down the stretch. Ewing is killing everyone else they try on him.

@Matt_Cianfrone: 3J ARMSTRONG!

@ChrisBarnewall: 3J ARMSTRONG! Chicago leads 95-93

@IanDougherty: Great play by the Bulls to get an Armstrong 3. PnR with Jordan, Pippen sets a back-pick on Armstrong’s man. BJ drills it.

@jackhaveitall: that three was weak as hell doc how could you?

@ChrisBarnewall: BJ Armstrong just flopped so bad on that 3-point attempt.

@IanDougherty: YGTMYFT, Knicks

@jackhaveitall: when you get home and see taco bell messed up your order

phil meme
phil meme /

@ChrisBarnewall: Charles Smith splits the FT’s. Knicks down 1.

@Matt_Cianfrone: EWING DEFENSE!

@Matt_Cianfrone: Poor, poor Charles Smith. Scottie Pippin just destroyed all his hopes and dreams.

@IanDougherty: More like Charles Whiff.

@jackhaveitall: asdflhk WUT

@ChrisBarnewall: OH MY GOD WHAT AN ENDING.


@Matt_Cianfrone: Scottie was so good in this game. Carried the Bulls when MJ was struggling and sealed it with the big defensive play.

@ChrisBarnewall: Wow. Insane ending. Ewing SOMEHOW got the pass off to Smith down low

@ChrisBarnewall: But then the Bulls just had a block party on Smith. Insane.