This Stephen A. Smith animated rant is the best thing ever (Video)


Stephen A. Smith is perhaps the biggest New York Knicks critic on the planet, and his latest rant has been given the animated treatment. 

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When Stephen A. Smith says something, it’s usually an amazing fireball of hate. Usually he’s saying dumb things that he thinks of on the spot during First Take tapings, but his radio show is equivalent to comedians doing the club scene to hone their material.

Smith has a filter on First Take and has to share the spotlight with Skip Bayless — but his radio show is some of the most amazing audio you’ve ever heard in your life. His latest rant involved the New York Knicks and the drafting of Kristaps Prozingis with the No. 4 overall pick. You could hear his blood boiling, and the end result was one of the most fantastic rants he’s ever gone on.

Just when we though the rant could get any better, someone animated it and took things to another atmosphere.

While we need him to produce the rants we all look back at with such fondness, animated Stephen A. Smith is almost better than the real thing and the two together is confirmation that the sports media gods indeed hear our prayers and routinely answer them.

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