WWE responds to Brock Lesnar hitting fan with car door on RAW

Credit: TheViner (Vine)
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After things got a little bit scary on WWE RAW Monday night with Brock Lesnar, WWE has issued a brief response

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This past Monday night on WWE RAW we were treated to one of the more memorable segments in a while, when Brock Lesnar took it upon himself to trash the Cadillac that was given to J&J Security by WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins. Lesnar did everything from maul it with an ax to rip the car door off and fling it.

That second part, though, was one that almost had some drastic consequences. In case you missed it, not long after RAW went off the air on Monday night, a video surfaced from a fan in the section in which the car door was thrown. In the video it appeared that a fan was actually struck with the door, which had a lot of people quite nervous.

You can’t really tell for certain, but it does seem as if someone may have gotten struck.

Since then, WWE has issued a brief response to the incident, via the New York Daily News.

"“WWE immediately responded to the incident during last night’s show,” the WWE said in a statement to the Daily News. “The fan was unharmed and declined any medical attention.”"

That’s certainly refreshing to know. With the criticisms the company faces each and every day, the last thing they needed on their hands was a lawsuit because Brock Lesnar doesn’t know his own strength.

Really, though, now that we know everything is in the clear here, it’s amazing to see that Lesnar really doesn’t know his own strength to this extent. He threw that car door like you or I might fling a rake around a yard.

But after this, you can bet that the company won’t take any more chances and Brock Lesnar won’t be throwing anything except other wrestlers with suplexes around the ring for a while.

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