Angry Mavericks fan goes off on DeAndre Jordan in epic rant (Video)


This Dallas Mavericks fan was none too pleased with the way DeAndre Jordan dealt with the Mavericks and he let them know about it

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Wednesday night brought us one of the crazier occurrences that we have ever seen during an NBA Free Agency period. After agreeing with the Dallas Mavericks less than a week ago, center DeAndre Jordan had a change of heart just hours before it was time to sign the name on the dotted line. With the Clippers contingent holing themselves up in Jordan’s house for hours and Jordan not contacting Mark Cuban at all, it was a wild scene.

Of course, and very rightfully so, Mavericks fans are a bit angry, to say the least. With the way that Jordan handled this whole situation, they have every right to be upset and show it. They were ready to welcome the most coveted center in the NBA, and then they had this happen to them.

Well, one fan of course decided to express his feelings towards Jordan in the form of a video, and in this WWE-style promo, he let it all out on Jordan for what he did.


Yeah. I’d definitely say that he got his point across here. This young man will definitely be one of the folks in Dallas raining down all the boos on Jordan when he makes his first visit with the Clippers.

But, once again, Mavericks fans have all the right in the world to feel this scorned.

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