NBA Pokemon: Russell Westbrook is Kadabra

kadabra westbrook
kadabra westbrook /

Russell Westbrook has a violent stare. His tenacity erupts through his eyes, as if he’s trying to destroy his opponents with psychic powers.

In Pokemon, this actually happens. Kadabra comes to mind as epitome of Westbrook. When an opposing point guard is trying to guard Westbrook, he feels absolutely hopeless. It seems impossible to stay in front of him, much like it seems impossible to even get an attack off against Kadabra.

How do you do anything against this monster? Comparing an NBA player to this kind of unstoppable seems absurd, until you remember Westbrook does things like this on a regular basis.

Oh, one more thing. One of Kadabra’s signature moves is recover. Considering Russell Westbrook DENTED HIS HEAD and seemed to just yawn about it and be fine, I’d say that’s one of his signature moves as well.

The terror and hopelessness felt by Westbrook and Kadabra’s opponents is very similar. They both have the same weakness (defense), but it’s so hard to do anything about that weakness when they are too busy attacking your mind/dunking on your face.

Westbrook and Kadabra are just about the most terrifying opponents there are. The only thing that makes Kadabra more scary is trading him, since he evolves into Alakazam. This makes sense for Westbrook as well. If Oklahoma City was foolish enough to trade him, Westbrook would go on a rampage averaging 50 points on 40 shots a game until the rest of the league refused to play against him.