What is Floyd Mayweather apologizing for now?


Outspoken boxer Floyd Mayweather doesn’t issue many apologies, but when he does, he leaves everyone scratching their heads.

Floyd Mayweather is a lot of things; boisterous, outspoken, cocky, and untouchable, just to name a few. While that attitude rubs some the wrong way, it certainly helps the boxing champ to sell tickets and pay-per-view fights like none other. With his image being his meal ticket and his brand, Mayweather doesn’t take anything away from it by apologizing for who he is, in or out of the ring.

However, when Floyd Mayweather does issue an apology, he does it style.

Mayweather took to Instagram late Thursday night and issued a mysterious statement via the social network that read as follows:

Needless to say, the man feels very strongly about his image and his control over it. So what could be so bad that boxing’s ultimate bad boy feels the need to step down from his perch and apologize to the masses?

Maybe Mayweather wasn’t too happy that protege Adrian Bromer released this video (h/t TMZ) that we’ll say falls well short of the tasteful side of things. For these antics, Bromer is facing a lawsuit from the woman he named in the video and it likely that Mayweather wants to separate not only his reputation, but also his millions as far from the situation as possible.

This could also be a case where one of Floyd’s entourage stepped out of line somewhere as well. However, one would assume that we’d of heard of something along those lines by now, especially considering how the paparazzi and the media follow him around waiting for the next sound byte.

Regardless, this is obviously a case where Floyd Mayweather is dodging and weaving, falling back on his best skill in the ring to avoid any more problems outside of it. For now, the mystery continues.

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